My Story

Welcome.  My name is Erika Gorman.

After sharing the above photo on Facebook the Sheriff and Human Services Agency were called to our home and we were accused of drugging and beating our children and of envolving them in child pornography.  There were other images shared leading up to this moment, including the photo below taken minutes after our homebirth, that were triggering for the individual/s that made the call, but the image above was the breaking point.


Photo by C. Chartrand


Although the accusations were deemed unfounded and the ordeal lasted just several days, I felt my family had been threatened on the deepest level.  I felt afraid to take my kids anywhere and I hid in my house for the better part of a year.  After spending a lot of time afraid, silent and very angry I decided to reach out to my community, share my story and ask for support.  I received far more then I had hoped for, in particular from fellow breastfeeding moms and families with young children. 

I realized that the story had the power to spread awareness and acceptance.  An awareness and acceptance of the beauty and loving patience that tandem nursing represents.  An awareness that calling the authorities is not an acceptable solution for fears and discomforts related to healthy moments of nudity and tandem breastfeeding.  I want to further spread this awareness and hope that my story and the Gathering In Tandem Nurse Ins and Art Project can help create an environment that is safer for all breastfeeding families.