The YEars End 2018 - Art and Yarn /Pain and Weaning


I weaned my kids end of this year. Mixed feelings? Absolutely.

I have a lot to say but I don’t know where to begin right now. Already being thrown into life’s next chapter.

Before I weaned I painted these:

image1 copy 2.jpeg
image2 copy.jpeg
image3 copy.jpeg

I figured I hadn’t had any submissions for the art project, so I’d begin with submitting my own.

I was also encouraged by a follower on IG to share my breastfeeding videos on youtube.

One of them has reached 14 million views.

Funny, as I found the views on this video inexorably rising, I also found myself being plunged in to vast sea of confusion, pain, and turmoil.

Weaning was spawned from this place. I felt I could go no further.

And now I knit. Each stitch bringing it all back into focus.

I am in the cocoon.


Melt down, break down, buried alive.

But breathing. How is this possible?

Each stitch I feel a new something.

birth. life. identity.

All in question. In creation.

And somehow still finding a way to hold it all together.

Do you ever do that?

Smile through the pain?


The pain of death

and rebirth?

I hope that the birth to come involves continued work in the new year towards increasing peace for breastfeeding families.

More to share. More to build. More to birth.

Happy New Year and looking forward and within to the journey ahead.