Arroyo Verde Nurse In

Sacred Bliss Captures - 3rd Gathering In Tandem Nurse In-35.jpg

If you can laugh while tandem nursing in public, I'd say a certain amount of success has been achieved.

The last Nurse In at Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura left me feeling devoid of humor in spite of the above image.

Sharing images now from the beginning.

Gion, of course, was not in the mood to Nurse at first. 

Aria seeing a window of opportunity in her usually more occasional nursing pattern was all over it.

Gracen had asked to nurse several weeks prior for the first time in 6 months.  I asked him if he would like to but he was not interested either.

It was amazing to meet Isis.

And see Arlene again.

It's easy to feel nervous in front of the camera.  Starting to feel more comfortable.  Jim is so nice.

Loved seeing Hilda and her daughter.  She is so inspiring.

The tandem nursing moment happened.

So weird to feel so nervous about doing something so nurturing for one's children.

Feeling supported by this momma tribe was amazing.

There was talk of birth.  Every story was different.

There was talk of sherriff and hsa visits.  There were several other stories present aside from mine.

Ziah your continued support is a powerful gift.

we all slowly stopped nursing and conversation continued.

I forget what we talked about now.

about motherhood mostly.  about injustices to it.

what a beautiful place to see the children play.

and feel supported by loving masculine energy.

We began to disperse and then posed for a group photo before leaving.

I don't think 'thank you' could quite cover it.

Love you all.