The Nurse Ins Begin

Photo by  Shannon Schnur

The first Nurse In was hot.

102+ degrees. 

What was I thinking?  

I didn't want to let anything stop me.  I didn't want to reschedule.  The tension in my life trying to stop me might as well have been 102 degrees.  What was the difference besides a bit of symbolism?

I attracted some pretty serious heroines as a result. 

Photo by  Shannon Schnurr

I can see on all these faces the intensity of the experience.

I felt  rescued, saluted, surrendered, lifted up and sacrificed all at once.  Terrified to nurse and ready to confront the challenge.

The heat was a welcomed distraction to the challenge for me at one point.

Photo by  Shannon Schnurr

When I saw these women nurse around me, I was shifted inside.  

Outside the house, outside of a hashtag for breastfeeding....OUTSIDE.

It was liberating.

Photo by  Shannon Schnurr

They taught me how to be liberated.

And I'm still learning.

Photo by  Shannon Schnurr

I still feel afraid but now the excitement is winning the battle.

I can feel a place building in my heart that is not afraid to breastfeed.

Photo by  Shannon Schnurr

And that was just the beginning.  The first Nurse In.

The second one brought an unexpected remembrance of primal power.

with a continuance of liberating my heart.

and hopefully others.

hopefully these little steps are bringing greater breastfeeding comfort to those participating.

those watching.

Photos by The Wild Heart Studio

And those showing support even if they aren't breastfeeding.

These people are a source

Thank you for coming and being willing to publicly show support.

So that a loving message can be spread.

We don't all make the same choices.  We all can't. 

Life brings different possibilities to us.

For me, tandem nursing was a possibility I embraced and being able to embrace it lovingly in public after being shamed in private is...


Photo by The Wild Heart Studio

Photo by The Wild Heart Studio

The Next Nurse In is coming up fast and looks to be another powerful experience.

Hilda M. Robles is my greatest source of breastfeeding inspiration.  

She attended the fist Nurse In with her now 6 year old daughter and will be at the next one.

She's an incredible human being, I am so over joyed to celebrate here.

Come.  See Hilda and I nurse.  Come see breastfeeding in public celebrated.


The next Nurse In is at

Arroyo Verde Park

 in Ventura, California


I'll make as many leaf crowns as I can to share for those attend.

Park in the first parking lot to the left as you enter


Head strait for the shade.

I have tandem nursed here before.

It is $2 to come for the hour at the park or $5 for the weekend day.


I feel grateful to this loving community for emails of support.  

I feel embraced by you all.

Thank you.

To register for the date and time of the Nurse In fill out this form...

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See you there.